28 October 2014


Since I've moved to the UK that I've been keeping a list of places I really really want to go. I've crossed a few out off it and yesterday I crossed another one: sketch.

Sketch can be called a restaurant, a caffe and even a bar. It offers us different rooms that completely blow our minds, taking us to another time and space. It's an unique experience and I recommend it to anyone that ever happens to be near Regent Street.

I went with a friend and we had Cream Tea which is a simpler version of the Afternoon Tea. It comes with scones, clotted cream, jam and a different variety of teas. When we got there I was hooked. The room was decorated in gold and pink, making us feel like we were inside a work of art. The waiter led us the way to our table and even pulled the chair for us to sit (how gentle!). We sat and chat for about an hour while we ate the most amazing scones along with a riched-flavoured vanilla tea. It was a lovely afternoon indeed and I definitely intend to go back. Hope you like the photos! 

Ps. I must say one of my favorite rooms was not what you call a room, yes, it was the toilet. It took us to another dimension, I felt like I was in a space pod ready to get in a space ship! How wicked is that!? ahah

Sneakers: Nike | Jeans: Topshop | Belt: Next | Sunglasses: Rayban | Bag and jacket: Zara 
Jewelry: Calvin Klein; &Other Stories


  1. Olá! obrigada pela visita ao meu blog! Gostei imenso do teu e já estou a seguir!
    Que espaço tão giro! A próxima vez que for a Londres a ver se o descubro!

  2. wow beautiful, fiquei com vontade de ir conhecer

  3. quando vieres a Londres tenta ir, vais adorar :)