19 October 2014


Yesterday I received my free graze box. Until one week ago I had never heard of this brand. This week they sent me a free box  so I could try their products and let me tell you, so far everything tastes delicious.

As for me, I love to eat healthy during the week and we all know that when it comes to the art of snacking, we are all very much doomed to attack some biscuits and chocolate instead of better choices. That's why this health-in-a-box idea seemed very appealing to me, low-fat and light snacks that I could have everyday without the guilt-feeling that usually comes afterwards.

I received popcorns, deconstructed banoffee pie, sour cream & garlic crostinis with cashews and some amazing jaffa cake flapjacks.

 Graze is a concept that started 7 years ago. It consists in healthy snacks in a box. You order it online and the graze team delivers to your house. The fun part is you don't know what you'll get, you can choose online want you may want them to deliver or throw to the 'bin' the snacks you never wish to sent to you.

From their point of view "We started inventing snacks that showed off health's more pleasurable side and working out the best way to get them to busy foodies like us". 

Check out their website at here

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